Here can be found samples of my voice and character work.

To hire, please contact Jessica Sloan at the Collier Talent Agency: jessica@colliertalent.com or call 512-236-0500

For low-budget, indie projects, please email me directly: jayhem@rhymeswithMayhem.com

Thank you for your interest.



JM Specht – Character Demo Reel



Different Stages – Dracula (Radio)


DC Universe Online – Ares: God of War (Video Game)


Extended character demos for KingsIsle Entertainment (Video Game)




Crossing Souls Trailer – Narrator (Links to Youtube)

Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Demo – Hideo [1:18 to 1:50] (Links to Youtube)

How To Batman – The Joker (Links to Youtube)

Hiring information:

Please contact Collier Talent Agency at 512-236-0500